Ever sit at home bored, thinking there’s nothing to do in Charlotte? Then consider the restaurants you’ve frequented? The mall you sit in traffic to enter? And succumb to another night of your DVR lineup or hours on social media sites — jealous about the things your friends are doing in other cities? I’ve been there as a transplant to Charlotte who’s always seeking cultural, social and fun things to do. There were times I felt the city is asleep, but I’ve come to learn that my perspective was far from the truth. Often, I didn’t hear about the things I like to do or I found out about them a little too late. If I did hear well enough in advance, I thought…who will be there? But I’ve gone anyway, met some cool people and had memorable experiences.

I hope to expose the culture that compliments Charlotte, a few opportunities of fun and help you to connect with others along the way. Step out! See what I see QC! These typically include artsy events, soul music performances and upbeat, emotional and/or cultural plays, poetry, festivals and street affairs.

Public relations professional from a large city, of Caribbean descent and a middle child. These traits leave me attracted to most things thought provoking, big, colorful, festive and community oriented. I’m fond of going with the flow, spontaneous outings and the natural order of community development that results when a variety of people enjoy mutual events.

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